Are you putting on a trade show or a convention? Do you want to have the whole planning process figured out by professionals? Then Events Productions International is the best company to have to handle your trade show or event.

With twelve years in the business, our company is known for its quality planning ability for trade shows and conventions. The company has been able to build up a formidable team of experts to help drive the company’s goal of producing and promoting trade shows and conventions over the years.

The Uniqueness of Our Planning Services

Just like us, many companies offer planning services too. So you may want to ask what makes us unique as a company.

  • The Versatility of Our Team: our team is versatile in what they do and as such comes up with innovative plans that separates your trade show or event from any other one that has happened before it, or that is happening alongside it.

  • We Leverage On Our Years of Experience: for eight years, we have been providing everything needed for a trade show or convention. From all of these, we have been able to gain experience that makes us better with every trade show and convention we plan.

  • We keep It Professional: we don’t just provide trade show and convention planning; we provide professional planning services. In doing this, we provide expert advice where it is needed because we don’t just offer services as a company, we are more concerned about your satisfaction at all times.

Planning is essential to having a great trade show or convention. At Event Productions International, we have everything needed to plan a trade show or convention. Most importantly, is that we don’t just do the planning alone, we also make rentals available and handle all negotiations with the venue. We can even go on to provide set up services as well.